The main objectives of the Research and Publication clinic are as follows:
1. To impart new knowledge and skill on writing, publishing and presenting research in English
2. To assist researchers to function more effectively in their present positions by exposing them to the latest concepts, information and techniques, developing in them the skill required to do their research
3. To build future researchers and prepare them as a part of their career progression to occupy more responsible research positions.
4. To broaden the mind of senior researchers by providing opportunities for interchange of experiences within and outside their institutions with the view of correcting their narrow outlook that may arise from over specialization.
5. To provide services to researchers who need proofreading, research advisory, joint research projects and research publication related services.
6. To educate the community on latest research findings that are relevant to the socioeconomic and holistic development of the community. The research clinic functions in 3 different ways:
A. Workshop/seminar for researchers
B. On-going coaching/training for researchers
C. Services rendered in the form of proofreading, advisory, consultation, etc.
The program has 5 training modules. The modules are designed for both workshops and on-going coaching. Apart from the training modules the clinic shall provide assistance to researchers who need any of the following: Research advisory, joint research projects, proofreading (grammar, content and structure editing) and research summary writing for publication.


Researcher Survey: Tell us the problems you have with your research writing

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